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Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2014!

Welcome Advent!

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord...

This is a wonderful week for our second graders! Today we began our week with a prayer service welcoming the season of Advent. We met some saints of Advent:  St. Nicholas, St. Lucy, Juan Diego and John the Baptist. We were asked..."What's in a name?"  We learned about the different names of Jesus and that one of our names is "disciple". More information about our school's Advent project will be going home Tuesday.

Tuesday at 5:30 is Reconciliation practice at the Church.  Each child should have an adult present with them at the practice.  It should last about 1/2 hour.

Friday is the dress rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant.  This will follow the 9:00 mass. 

Saturday is the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Room 7's time is 10:30.  Please come 10 minutes early so the children can get settled.

Sunday is the Christmas Pageant. 

Thank you Parents!

It was a pleasure to talk with each of you during conference time. Thank you for sharing your concerns and helping me to know your child better.

I am enjoying all the Hamden pictures I've received so far.  Now to turn them into a postcard!

Reminder:  Sacramental Meeting Monday, November 18th, St. Rita Church


 Welcome November!

Oh when the saints go marching in!

The children's "Saints Projects" are due tomorrow.  We will finish this project in school and then share information about each saint.  I will videotape their presentations and share them with Room 8.

This month also brings Parent-Teacher Conferences along with our wonderful Book Fair. Times for both will be sent home this week.  I am looking forward to meeting with you and talking about our wonderful Room 7 stars!

Our parent meeting for First Reconciliation will be Monday, November 18th at 7:30 in the Church.  It is very important to attend.  The children do not attend this meeting....only adults.  If you have any questions please feel free to email myself or Mrs. Megan Zinn.

October Festivities!

This week brings a lot of excitement for second graders. We will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday, October 31st with a visit to the second floor.  The children are allowed to bring their costumes to school in a bag for dressing up in the afternoon.  They will put their uniforms back on before going home. make up, masks or weapons.

All Saints Day

The children will be doing a project on a saint this week.  We will discuss why saints are considered God's "stars".  Information about this project will be coming home on Monday and the children will have a week to complete it.

We hope you can join us for mass on Friday, All Saints Day!

Picture Day!

Wednesday is Picture Day!

Room 7 will have gym on Thursday this week.


 Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us for Open House.    It was nice to welcome you to Room 7 and hopefully  hear a little bit about my hope for the new school year.  The children are making a nice transition into second grade and our routines.   We have also begun our Reconciliation Book and learned about Adam and Eve, original sin and God's gift of grace. We will be reviewing this week for a quiz on Lessons 1 and 2 in our religion book. 

I would also like to remind you that your child's code for Xtra math was sent home in the folder from Open House.  Please have your child use this resource to help strengthen their math facts. Room 7 has also been given 4 new iPads.  We are very excited!  Mrs. Halloran and I have been using the weekends to organize and to download apps on our iPads.  We are ready to go!!  

We are finishing our "Magic Treehouse Story:  Hurry Up Houdini" this week.  They seem to be really enjoying this series.  I told them that if anyone learns a magic trick they can share it with the class....except making me disappear!! 

Thank you for checking your child's homework and initialing it.  If you have any questions or concerns please email me.  Thank you...

PS...THANK YOU!  THANK YOU to all of you who were able to join us for the Walk-a-thon today.  It was a beautiful day!! Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this event happen!




My room 7 stars seemed to have had a good first week.   They were patient as we collected paperwork and organized our classroom spaces.  We are ready to work! 

Tomorrow the "white" envelope will be going home again.  There will be a letter from me with some second grade information.  There will also be a scholastic book club,  "Lucky Book", order form for September.  If you'd like to place an order online our code is on the cover of the form or else you can send your order into school by this Friday.

The children will also be getting a classroom magazine that we use for Religion each Friday called "Gospel Weeklies" from Pflaum Publishing.  In the past the students have enjoyed the stories, activities and proclaiming the Gospel for that following Sunday.  This fee is included in your Smart Tuition.

I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks at the HSA meeting.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send me a note or email me.

Thank you for sharing your child with me!

I am looking forward to our journey together!





Room 7

Eager, friendly

Learning, discovering, achieving

Getting closer to Jesus

My stars!

I hope all my Room 7 stars have a wonderful, fun filled summer vacation.  You deserve it! Remember to receive the Eucharist as often as you can.  Practice reading with expression and writing in cursive.  Remember those math lessons that were sent home?  Don't leave them blank. Hopefully I will see you around town...until then.... Peace!

***Click on "Forms & Documents" and you will find the School Supply List for 2013 - 14 and the Summer Reading List. Thank you!

***Some websites for your summer pleasure: (from dinosaurs to rainforests) (Awesome Analogies) Mad Libs)  (A religion site) (math site)   




I am very happy and proud of all of you.  Saturday may have been gray outside but it was beautiful inside Saint Rita Church.  I hope you all felt the love of Jesus in your heart! 

Monday we are off to the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium.  We are beginning our study of plants and animal habitats.  At the aquarium we will learn about the water habitats in Connecticut.  The children will be reading and asking questions to answer questions on their scavenger hunt. 

With our final weeks ahead of us we realize there is still much to learn and do.  Pencils, erasers, crayons, markers and especially our brains are still in use!




We're Back!

It is good to be back.  There is much to do.  We will be finishing up our study of dinosaurs.  All "Mystery Dinosaur" book reports need to be passed in by April 30th.  You will receive your clues to guess the identity of the "Mystery Dinosaur".  Good luck to everyone!

Information about our class trip was sent home today.  The permission slip and money is due May 1st.  If you are interested in chaperoning our trip and have had Virtus training please send in a note.  Room Moms have first preference.

A reminder that this Saturday, April 27th, is a 4:00 mass for children receiving First Communion this May. Hopefully we will see everyone at mass.  Following at 6:00 is the St.Rita Auction.  I am looking forward to an enjoyable evening......See you there!





 Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga

We are praying for Cardinal Maradiaga of Honduras and all the Cardinals as they begin their journey to elect our new Pope.

Thank you to all who were able to join us for mass Saturday.  Our sacramental parent meeting is coming very soon.  Look for more information.

We are also nearing the end of Unit 4 in our reading series. It will be time for a Unit test soon.

In science we are having fun practicing our reader's theater play on the water cycle.  We will be performing our play for room 8 in the near future.

This week we will be celebrating Mother Clelia's birthday with a lesson from the 8th grade on Monday and a prayer service on Wednesday at 2 pm.  All are welcome!


 Happy Valentine's Day!

***Please bring your valentines in Friday.  We will exchange cards in the afternoon. 

We will also have our spelling test postponed from last Friday.  Looking forward to seeing everyone....





I hope everyone is safe and warm.  I'm sure everyone has a story to share about the blizzard.  I look forward to sharing when we are together.

While you are home I have a few things for you to do. 

MATH:  If you have internet access please review your facts on:  and/or

Practice time to the minute on:

SCIENCE:  If you have your Science book home reread the chapter on "The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars".  We will be having a test on this chapter after we review it in class.  Please review the highlighted words in the chapter.

ADJECTIVES:  Remember that adjectives are words that describe a noun.  Your noun is 5 adjectives to describe this noun!  Please write them down to pass them in.

LENT:  Lent begins this Wednesday, Ash Wednesday.  What do you know about Lent?

***There is a BIG announcement from the Vatican today.  Write it down for extra credit in Religion.  What does the news mean for Catholics around the world?




Happy Catholic Schools Week!

We are excited to celebrate our school and all Catholic Schools.  Our week will be full of learning mixed with some fun and sharing with others.  We will be doing a science project with the Pre-K on Monday.  On Wednesday we will make Valentines for Veterans with Room 17.  During the week we hope to share some time with our parents and other special friends.

There are other activities sprinkled in during the week.  Please reference the yellow paper that went home last week.

*We will be reviewing for the Reading Unit 3 test on Monday and taking the unit test this week.


     Happy 2013!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  The new year brings much excitement to second grade.  Monday we will begin our Eucharist preparation.  I look forward to guiding the children on this journey.

We have already begun science and cursive.  The class is very enthusiastic about learning how to write like a grown up.  I will be teaching them the cursive letters the way our book instructs.  I'd like the children to wait to learn a letter(s) until  it is introduced in our book. 

Our science study begins with "The Sun, the Moon and the Stars".  We will be doing a project for the Pre-K students about our solar system also. 

There is much to look forward to in 2013....stay tuned!


What a beautiful Christmas Pageant!
Mrs. Halloran and I are proud of all of you.

This week we will continue with our Jesse Tree and learning about people of faith who came before Jesus.  We will also make cards for the newly confirmed who graduated from our school.  In reading we will begin unit 3.       I will send home the results of the unit 2 test as soon as everyone has finished the test.  We will learn about Christmas traditions from around the world and then write about our own families'  traditions.

Thank you to those children who have given to "Nickels for Nina", our school advent project.  Some children have given a donation almost everyday!


What a beautiful day it was today.  I am very proud of all the children who received their First Reconciliation today.  May you always know Jesus' healing love for you. God bless all of you....


  Snow Day!

What a surprise......for all of us!  Enjoy the beauty of the day and I will hopefully see you tomorrow.  We will not have our spelling test Friday.  We will finish up the unit and take the test next week.  Friday is the last day of the Book please try to come by if you are able.  Friday is also the last day to send in help for Staten Island (reference Sister's news-and-notes on Tuesday).  Second grade has also been asked to bring in cans of tuna for the food drive. 


All Saints Day

I was so happy to see so many of you at Trunk O'Treat.  Everyone looked great and I'm sure your bags were full of candy!


This week is going to be interesting but we can be flexible!  I won't see you Monday and Tuesday because of the weather.  If we have school Wednesday don't forget to bring to school your Halloween costume. 

I'd like you to do a few things while you're home.  Do you know what a "saint" is?  Could you explain a saint to me?  Why do you think we call them "God's stars"?  Think about these questions and I'll ask you what you think on Wednesday.

Please read and practice your new spelling words from Unit 9.  They are words with endings nk and ng.

bank, wink, sink, drink, hang, sing, wing, king, ring, long

If you can use your computer you can practice telling time (by 1/2 hour) and addition facts/subtraction facts with these sites. (addition/subtraction games)  (math games/time/clock shoot)

Be safe and I'll see you soon!


Picture Day is Wednesday!

This Wednesday is Picture Day.  Students are asked to dress up Wednesday for their picture.  They can also wear their school uniform if that is what you'd like.  Please remember to send in the picture envelope with your choice(s) checked off.  Thank you!

This week we are beginning Unit 2 in reading.  This week's phonics lesson includes the long sound of a spelled ai and ay.  We will work with words with the endings:  s, es and ing.  Our comprehension skill will be comparing/contrasting. 

We are on Lesson 4 in our Reconciliation book.  We will learn how Jesus heals us through reconciliation.  We will be learning how to make an examination of conscience.

In your white envelope this week look for information on Halloween!

Happy Columbus Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend!

The children have worked very hard in reading and will be reviewing Tuesday for the Unit 1 Reading Test.  Included in this test will be initial digraphs, final blends and final digraphs along with short and long vowels (with silent e).  The comprehension skills tested will be predicting, setting, author's purpose and homonyms. We will complete the test over a 3 day period.

This week in Religion we will finish Chapter 3, "Jesus Forgives Us".  We have been talking about making good choices.  See if your child can tell you what the initials STAP stand for.  We will be talking about what is a sin and what is not a sin. 

Friday our school will celebrate The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart  at 9:00 in the gym.  All are welcome!



Welcome Autumn!

This week in Religion we will learn about the Sacraments of Initiation and have a quiz at the end of the week on Lessons 1 and 2.  We will review in class and send the book home on Thursday.  We enjoyed sharing our Baptism pictures, candles,  white garments  and momentos from the children's Baptisms.  Thank you for your help.

In reading we have been reviewing short and long vowels (vowels with a silent e).  We have talked about author's purpose and maps.  We are practicing our oral reading and reading with expression.

Math tests 1 and 2 will be coming home this week.  Please look them over, sign them and send them back to school. 

Walk - a - thon is Sunday, September 30th!

Week of:  September 17th

Friday is the International Day of Peace.

Our school will celebrate with a Prayer Service and planting pinwheels for "whirled peace".  Join us if you can on Friday in the school gym at 9:00.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us Monday night for the Home-School Meeting.  It was nice to welcome you to Room 7 and to hear a little bit about our hopes for the new school year.  The children are making a nice transition into second grade and our routines.  They seem to enjoy our new math series, "Excel", especially the "check answer".  We have also begun our Reconciliation Book and learned about Adam and Eve, original sin and God's gift of grace.  This week we will begin our "Gospel Weeklies" on Friday.  These newspapers from Pflaum introduce the children each week to the Sunday's Gospel.  In the past the children have always enjoyed them. 

Thank you for checking your child's homework and initialing it.  If you have any questions or concerns please email me.  Thank you...