Literature;B;7th - Richard Lewis

Due Date Assignment Description
5/3/2023 TUES, MAY 2

MONDAY:  Because I needed to meet with three students about a special topic and because I wanted all of the students to have a very short break from poetry, the assignment for the day was to read "The Bigfoot Mystery" and answer ten short questions.

TUESDAY:  I began the period meeting with several students who owe me assignments.  The entire class reviewed the topic of alliteration, practicing with three short poems by Valerie Worth.

4/27/2023 WED, APR 26

We all went to the library as one group because so many said they needed to get a book.  

Back at class, we reviewed last night's homework poem, "Taught Me Purple".  The main point of using this poem was to highlight examples of "imperfect rhyme" (golden/molding, wore it/orbit). Each student should do an excellent job on tomorrow's quiz on rhyme scheme, as long as the student used their class time productively and paid attention as we corrected.

We looked at another poem ("In Extremis" by John Updike) for examples of imperfect rhyming, but time cut off our analysis.  We will finish on Thursday before the quiz. That will be helpful to the students.

4/26/2023 TUE, APR 25

MONDAY:  We began reviewing the repetition section of the poetry packet (created by Mr. Lewis).  We continued with the process of setting a time for reading a poem silently, over and over as time allows, then following up with several student volunteers reading the poem aloud.  The variation today is that we had recordings for each poem that we read and analyzed the use of repetition.  We read "Grass" by Carl Sandburg and "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks.  We should have gotten one more poem in, but students were far less cooperative than they know how to be, and I had to stop and talk about the problems so many were creating.

TUESDAY:  We read "Recuerdo"---which uses repetition---by Edna St. Vincent Milay, and listened to Milay reading her poem.  Her style could be called "Transatlantic", so I explained about that style of public speech.  We moved on to rhyme scheme, building from super-simple to mild, with poems by Robert Frost and Mark Van Doren.  Homework: Figure out the rhyme scheme of "Taught Me Purple" by Evelyn Tooley Hunt.  If your child did not bother to take the poem home, they can get the homework done in about two minutes in homeroom on Wednesday.  There will be a rhyme scheme quiz on Thursday.

4/14/2023 THU, APR 13

LOOKING BACK:  Between the loss of internet access on Tuesday and the many hours that I spent on Wednesday sending emails to parents, I am regretting that this is my first homework posting of this four day week.  But here goes:

TUES:  Some of the period involved my handing back graded "Wanted Poster" and "Somebody's Watching Me" assignments that I collected last week and the week before, as well as handing copies to students who still had not handed in their work or who had to do it again because they ignored the directions originally.  We did have time for poetry notes on rhyme scheme.  We practiced in class and the students had as homework two poems for which to analyze the rhyme scheme.

WED:  Students went to the school library.  There was an activity paper for rhyme, and some more notes for the poetry packet.

THU:  More poetry notes today. :)  The students received textbooks; we read "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening", and we listened to Robert Frost reading "The Road Not Taken".

4/6/2023 WED, APR 5

We did a final review for tomorrow's test on Silver Blaze .  Students who needed to go to the school library had the opportunity.  The students began taking notes for our newest unit:  Poetry.

4/5/2023 TUE, APR 4

On Monday, we finished our reading of the play version of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes mystery Silver Blaze . Every student who expressed an interest in reading was given at least two parts to read.  Attention was paid by me to providing reasonably balanced opportunities over the course of the play.  In fact, Holmes makes seven paragraph-long statements in the last scene, so we had seven Sherlocks for that scene.  Students had time to fill out their scene summaries for these final scenes.  

Today I collected "Somebody's Watching Me", a fun writing activity involving the "tailing" of a "suspect", something investigators (like Holmes) have to do. In spite of extended due dates---and my reminders about the due dates---some students did not have their assignments today.

There will be a quiz on the story of the play on Thursday. I gave the students a study guide to fill in, working alone or with a partner during today's class. I circulated to see that students were working and to help any groups that might have been struggling. One bit of advice to students: reread the play. We will discuss more tomorrow.

This will be the end of our mystery/plays unit. Next up: poetry. (Yaaaay!!!)

4/3/2023 FRI, MAR 31

We reviewed scene 7 and read scene 8 of Silver Blaze.  The "Somebody's Watching Me" assignment is due Tuesday, April 4.

3/30/2023 WED, MAR 29

DUE next Monday: "Somebody's Watching Me"

Students went in small groups to the library.  Meanwhile, alone or together with one other student, they had to write summaries of the scenes we have been reading from the play version of the Sherlock Holmes mystery Silver Blaze .  Our upcoming discussion of their summaries will help the students get ready for the test next week.  

3/28/2023 TUE, MAR 28

I collected the skill page that I gave to the students yesterday (Monday), which involved analyzing a student report about England's King Richard I.  Continuing the play based on Arthur Conan Doyle's "Silver Blaze", the students took parts and read scenes 5 through 7.  I assigned the parts, which changed with each scene.  There are three more scenes.  Students who volunteered to read will have at least two parts before the end of the play.  There is no homework tonight.

3/7/2023 MON., MAR. 6, 2023

Last Friday, we began reading a play adapted from a mystery story by Dashiell Hammett.  The story is set in the 1930s, a fact which I shared with the students so that they could understand certain details.  One detail is that the murder victim was killed by "blunt force", in this case being hit in the head with a typewriter.  So today we started with video material about typewriters, mainly focused on collector Tom Hanks.  We also listened to a musical composition for orchestra and typewriter by American composer Leroy Anderson.  Then we got back to the play.

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