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U.S. History;17;7th - Matthew Banas

Due Date Assignment Description
6/5/2023 History / Geography Exam Use your study guide, notes, homework, readings, previous tests, and review materials to prepare for the History / Geography Exam
6/4/2023 EOY Assessment Essay If you choose to pre-write your essay for the exam it must be submitted by 11:59pm on 6/4/23. If not submitted early it must be written during the exam session.
5/25/2023 EOY Review 4 Complete Modules 12 for review on Thursday
5/24/2023 EOY Review 3 Complete Module 10-11 for review on Wednesday
5/23/2023 Module 12 Essay Test Prepare an outline to help you compose your 5 paragraph essay to address the following question: What was gained and lost as Americans expanded into the Southwest?
5/22/2023 EOY Review 2 Complete Module 9 for review on Monday
5/22/2023 Current Events: Year in Review See directions and rubric in Google Classroom
5/19/2023 EOY Review 1 Complete Modules 7-8 for review on Friday
5/18/2023 Module 12 L 3 Read the lesson then complete the assessment in the e-text
5/10/2023 Module 12 L 1 Read the lesson then complete the assessment in the e-text
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