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Science-Health;14;6th - Joanna DeMilo-Robinson

Due Date Assignment Description
1/26/2021 Different types of Telescope Slide Show
1/25/2021 Chapter Test Exploring the Universe Test
1/20/2021 If not completed, The Way people Study Space
1/14/2021 Galaxy Quiz
1/8/2021 Vocab Test 1. fusion
2. main sequence
3. nebula
4. nova
5. supernova
6. galaxy
7. galactic cluster
8. refracting telescope
9. reflecting telescope
12/14/2020 Cycle of Planet Questions
12/11/2020 Planets Quiz
11/23/2020 CHANGED Chapter test
11/18/2020 Rock and Rock Cycle Questions
11/10/2020 Igneous and Sedimentary Quiz
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