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Science-Health;B;8th - Elaine Grossomanides

Due Date Assignment Description
12/13/2022 Study for TEST on TUESDAY /Dec 13
12/12/2022 Study for Test Ch 8 States of Matter
12/6/2022 quiz on matter and temperature
11/2/2022 Questions on pages 89-91 Chapter 3 Vocabulary and Concepts
Answer After Video questions on Car Crashes
10/24/2022 Actively Learn Why we get scared answer questions, take notes and submit work
10/21/2022 Vocabulary Ch 3 and Bill Nye Worksheet on Forces and Motion from Video
10/4/2022 Documentary
9/20/2022 The Nature of Science

Define the 12 terms in chapter 1

  Homework Document: Example of documentary - slides
9/19/2022 Documentary on Climate Chabge

Google Slides due Monday, Sept 19 on narrative, script

9/5/2022 Sample Sample
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