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Science-Health;B;6th - Elaine Grossomanides

Due Date Assignment Description
1/13/2023 Report on Famous Scientist Use the Requirements / Rubric hand out
12/13/2022 Finish Worm Diagram
12/6/2022 Study for Test Chapter 2
12/1/2022 Chapter 2 Review B 62 - B63
11/15/2022 Gymnosperms and Angiosperms Finish Assignment on GC if not completed in class
11/10/2022 Design a mini drain for your bean pot
11/2/2022 Finish Chart on Germination
10/31/2022 A62 and A63 '1-29
10/24/2022 microscope worksheet
10/24/2022 Spiders in our home: Actively Learn Answer questions, take notes and submit
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