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Science-Health;A;8th - Elaine Grossomanides

Due Date Assignment Description
11/15/2022 Finish assignment in GC from class today on Newtons Laws
11/11/2022 Ch 3 Review page 90 and 91
10/24/2022 Actively Learn Why we get scared answer questions, take notes and submit work
10/21/2022 Vocabulary Ch 3 and Bill Nye Worksheet on Forces and Motion from Video
10/17/2022 Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Actively Learn Questions
10/11/2022 Study for Ch 1 Test on Tue Oct 11
10/4/2022 Documentary
9/27/2022 words and their definitions
9/20/2022 The Nature of Science Define the 12 terms in chapter 1
9/19/2022 Documentary on Climate Change

Google Slides are due on your narrative script on Monday September 19

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