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Science-Health;16;7th - Elaine Grossomanides

Due Date Assignment Description
3/30/2023 Primate Evolution 6-1 describe the evidence that all primates evolved from a common ancestor
3/21/2023 define voc words and do section wrap up page 161 Ch 6-1 on Evolution
3/13/2023 Review for Ch 5 Test on Monday March 13 Answer questions pages 147 -149 1-10 and 1-20
3/9/2023 Ch 5 Study Guide Genome Project /Human Genetics
3/2/2023 Watch video in and take notes on Natural Selection
2/23/2023 Punnet Squares Monohybid Crosses Q/A
2/7/2023 Define Vocab Words 5-1
11/3/2022 Very last Day :3 D Cell and Google Slides and Treatment Google Slides, 3D model and treatment of virus last day to turn all in
10/24/2022 Actively Learn: the creepy work of crucial insects answer questions, take notes and submit
10/21/2022 Worksheet Viruses
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