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Science-Health;16;7th - Elaine Grossomanides

Due Date Assignment Description
11/3/2022 Very last Day :3 D Cell and Google Slides and Treatment Google Slides, 3D model and treatment of virus last day to turn all in
10/24/2022 Actively Learn: the creepy work of crucial insects answer questions, take notes and submit
10/21/2022 Worksheet Viruses
10/11/2022 study for ch 1 test on Tue Oct 11
10/6/2022 Quiz on October 6 Exploring Life Vocabulary Words
10/4/2022 Documentary
10/3/2022 watch video on measurements watch video on pan balance and answer questions 1-8
9/27/2022 Redi and Pasteur Worksheet Ch 1
9/19/2022 Documentary on Climate Change

Narrative Script Due Monday, September 19 - Google Doc

9/5/2022 Sample Sample
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