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Religion;8th - 8 Maria Testa

Due Date Assignment Description
5/7/2020 Slide/Video Presentation Directions are on google classroom. Project is to show the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death.
4/30/2020 3rd Essay-Grades 7 and 8 Students will write their final essay as part of their personal memoirs. Follow directions given.
4/28/2020 April Service hour and essay Students will perform their final service hour at home and write an essay describing the service they have done.
4/22/2020 Chapter 17 Test Study notes
4/3/2020 Family Life Read lesson 10 and answer questions posted in Google Classroom.
4/3/2020 Role Model Essay
3/27/2020 Essay 2 (8-11 years old) Students will write a one page typed essay on events that occurred during their 8-11 years of age. Directions have been posted to their Goodle Classroom.
2/4/2020 Test on chapter 11 Study notes
10/29/2019 Service Essay for October
10/24/2019 Saint Project Students will research a saint and make their saint.
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