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Religion;7th - Maria Testa

Due Date Assignment Description
6/4/2020 Chapter 19 Quiz Study notes
5/14/2020 Gospel Focus Questions
5/14/2020 My Father's House Worksheet
5/12/2020 Chapter 17 Test Study notes
5/5/2020 Friend Essay Students will be given all directions in class. They will also be posted to google classroom.
4/30/2020 Service Essay Students will do one hour of service at home and write an essay describing the service they have done.
4/22/2020 Chapter 15 Test Study notes
4/7/2020 Chapter 15 Read pages 166-167 and answer the questions posted in your google classroom.
4/2/2020 Chapter 15 Read pages 162-165 and answer questions posted in your google classroom.
3/12/2020 Test Study notes
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