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Religion;19;6th - Suzanne Hamling

Due Date Assignment Description
12/5/2022 Advent Quiz
12/1/2022 Advent Study Guide
11/30/2022 Jesse Tree Project and Reflection Create an ornament for Tree based on assigned scripture
11/28/2022 Jesse Tree Ornament and Reflection Create Ornament and summarize scripture
11/22/2022 Make Up Work
11/18/2022 We Believe Ch 13 Advent Read chapter and complete worksheet
11/17/2022 We Believe Ch 3 Assessment Read Chapter 3
11/15/2022 Study Guide use textbook and complete worksheet
11/10/2022 Story of Creation and symbolism use textbook and complete worksheet
11/7/2022 We Believe Ch 3 Faithwords Read Chapter 3 and complete Faith words
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