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Religion;18;6th - Suzanne Hamling

Due Date Assignment Description
9/27/2023 Chapter 1 Test
9/21/2023 Textbook finish pages 28,30 including paragraph question
9/20/2023 Worksheet Keywords and Bible Trading Card
9/20/2023 Reread Chapter 1
9/15/2023 Graphic Organizer on St. Lorenzo Ruiz

Read articles on St. Lorenzo Ruiz and complete the graphic organizer.

9/14/2023 Bible Use Assessment
9/12/2023 We Believe Chapter 1 finish reading Chapter 1, pp 20-27
9/11/2023 Catholic Bible Scavenger Hunt

Complete Part 2, 3, 4 using a CATHOLIC BIBLE

9/7/2023 Catholic Bible Scavenger Hunt Part 1
9/6/2023 Bible Scavenger Hunt

Find the animal listed

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