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Religion;15;8th - Suzanne Hamling

Due Date Assignment Description
9/29/2022 Chapter 1 Test
9/27/2022 Chapter 1 Study Guide and Wordsearch Preparation for Test on Thursday
9/21/2022 Introducing Me Reflective Essay about yourself, use journal to draft
9/21/2022 Introducing Me Essay Final copy due
9/21/2022 Introducig Me Essay Draft in Journal, Final Copy due neatly handwritten or typed 9/21
9/15/2022 Bible Assessment
9/14/2022 Introducing Me Essay Create draft in journal completing one set of questions a day. Use this to create an essay.
9/2/2022 A Single Bead Journal Reflection A Single Bead Journal Reflection
9/2/2022 Reflection on A Single Bead Answer questions reflecting on A Single Bead
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