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Mathematics;B;7th - Cindy Brennan

Due Date Assignment Description
12/5/2022 Solving Two-Step Equations Complete one-step equations wkst.
12/2/2022 Solving Two-Step Equations WB 26-27
12/1/2022 Solving One-Step Equations Complete the 4 Edpuzzles in google classroom.
11/30/2022 Solving One-Step Equations Finish WB 23 and WB 129
11/22/2022 IXL Strands Continue to work on your IXL Strands that are Due Tuesday November 22nd.
11/21/2022 Combining Like Terms Review Complete the Combining Like Terms Wkst.
11/18/2022 Solving One-Step Equations One-Step Equations Wkst.
11/15/2022 Solving One-Step Equations WB 22, WB 23 2, WB 129 1-4, 13-16
11/14/2022 Simplifying Expressions HC 59 1-30, HC 64 1-28
11/10/2022 Simplifying Expressions Watch and Complete the 2 Edpuzzles in google classroom. Complete the 2 Quizizzes in google classroom.
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