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Mathematics;15;6th - Cindy Brennan

Due Date Assignment Description
5/14/2021 IXL Strands Due Fri. May 14th IXL Strands (4th Grade) U.1, U.3, U.5, U.7 and (5th Grade) W.1, and W.3 to a SmartScore of at least an 80. ALL are due Friday May 14th.
5/10/2021 Median and Mode Watch and Complete the 4 Edpuzzles in google classroom. Complete the 4 Quizizzes in google classroom. ALL are due Monday May 10th.
5/6/2021 Finding the Mean WB 275 1-4. IXL Strands (4th Grade) U.2, U.6, (5th Grade) W.2, W.10 to a SmartScore of at least an 80. All are due tomorrow Thursday May 6th.
5/5/2021 Finding the Mean Complete the 2 Edpuzzles and the 1 Quizizz in google classroom. Watch the 1 KA Video and Complete the 2 KA Exercises. All are due tomorrow Wednesday May 5th.
5/4/2021 Finding the Mean WB 98, 99
4/30/2021 Chapter 8 Test Corrections Chapter 8 Test Corrections Due Friday April 30th.
4/29/2021 Chapter 8 Test Chapter 8 Test
4/28/2021 Chapter 8 Reteaching Reteaching 8-1, 8-2, 8-3, and 8-5 ODD 's ONLY. Write answers in your graphing notebooks. Due tomorrow Wednesday April 28th.
4/27/2021 Volumes of Rectangular Prisms WB 96, 97, and 265
4/26/2021 IXL Strands IXL Strands (6th Grade) FF.2 and (3rd Grade) CC.1, CC.2, CC.3, CC.4, CC.5 to a SmartScore of at least an 80. All are due Friday April 30th.
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