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Literature;B;6th - Richard Lewis

Due Date Assignment Description
3/7/2023 MON., MAR. 6, 2023

1.  We continued reading chapters 30-32 in Save Me a Seat.  As we read, we discussed answers to the chapter questions.

2.  Due Tuesday, finish the reading and finish answering the questions.

3/2/2023 WED., MAR. 1, 2023

1. Because of laptop problems at the end of last week, I did not have convenient access to this site again until today.

2. We did a "second chance" activity with a recent Save Me a Seat quiz.

3. We reviewed answers to the homework questions for chapters 28 and 29.

4. There will be a quiz on Friday on the "Thursday" section (chapters 26-29).

5. The students have a quiz study guide to fill out, which we will review tomorrow. 

2/23/2023 WED., FEB. 22, 2023

1. The students had notes to copy from the board about chapters 26 and 27.

2. The notes were (on purpose) incomplete.  We discussed what to add to complete the notes.  The completed notes show how the two chapters mirror each other.

3. There will be a quiz on Friday on these two chapters.  Ways to study: review notes and homework.  Reread the chapters.  They are short, and easier to read second time around.

2/22/2023 THURS., FEB. 16, 2023

1.  We reviewed answers to questions about chapters 23-25 of Save Me a Seat.

2.  DUE WED., FEB. 22:  Read chapters 26 and 27.  Answer the questions.

                                         Hand in your reading log for extra credit.

3.  There was time to start the Save Me a Seat homework after we reviewed today's homework answers.  Also, sixth graders had time to work on assignments during their Thursday quiet study hall.  (Work on it at home Thursday night?  Maybe?)  So, the assignment will not necessarily infringe on the upcoming four-day weekend if a student manages their time wisely.

2/16/2023 TUES., FEB. 14, 2023

1. The students took the quiz on chapters 19 and 20 of Save Me a Seat.  The grades are available at the grade book.

2.  After completing the quiz, each student had a skill page (Dr. Dinsmoor's Garden") to complete.

3.  Homework due Thursday:  Read chapters 23-25; answer the chapter questions.

2/15/2023 WED., FEB. 15, 2023

There was no class today because of the double Science period.

See TUESDAY for important information.

2/14/2023 MON., FEB. 13, 2023

1.  We reviewed answers to previously assigned homework questions for chapters 19 and 20 and for chapters 22 and 23 of Save Me a Seat.

2.  There will be a quiz Tuesday on chapters 19 and 20.  The students had time at the beginning of the period to compare their own chapter 19 answers to answers on the board in the classroom.  We reviewed chapter 20 as well.

2/13/2023 FRI., FEB. 10, 2023

The students had a second shot at the answers they got wrong on Thursday's quiz on chapters 17 and 18 of Save Me a Seat.

2/10/2023 THURS., FEB. 9, 2023

The students took the quiz on chapters 17 and 18 of Save Me a Seat.

Tomorrow we will review answers to the questions for chapters 19 and 20, which were due today.

We will also review answers to the questions for chapters 21 and 22, which the students had time to work on after the quiz.

2/9/2023 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2023

This group of students had a double Science period today.

See the Tuesday posting for information about work due Thursday (tomorrow).

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