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Literature;B;6th - Richard Lewis

Due Date Assignment Description
5/8/2023 FRI, MAY 5

There was no class today because of MAP testing.  There is no homework.

5/5/2023 THUR, MAY 4

NOTE: I made repeated attempts to post the following on Thursday:

WED:  No class; double Science period.

THUR:  In the chapters of Esperanza Rising that we have most recently read, mention is made of dust storms, lung diseases that can result, and the competition with newer-arriving migrant workers ("the Okies") for work and for reasonable wages.  Today I showed a few brief segments from the Ken Burns documentary The Dust Bowl, to expand the students' understanding of and  appreciation for the seriousness of the issues faced by the characters in Esperanza.  We did not get to the last planned segment, which illustrates the challenges of the journey to California and the discrimination faced on arrival by migrant workers.  There was enough time, but I paused the class because of inattention and other misbehaviors.  Mrs. Tiezzi joined us for a talk.  There is no homework.

5/3/2023 TUES, MAY 2

MONDAY:  In Esperanza Rising, we finished reading the Las Cebollas chapter that we started last week.  I explained to the students that we will try to get in a bit more reading from the novel this week because of the classes we will miss during the next two weeks.  (Retreat day, class trip, Map testing) We also read the Las Almendras chapter.

TUESDAY:  We read Las Ciruelas and Las Papas.  Because of the double period, we read a very short mystery story, "The Bigfoot Mystery", with ten short questions to answers, due Thursday.

4/27/2023 WED, APR 26

There was no class today because of the regularly scheduled double Science period for this group of students.  There will be quiz tomorrow on Chapters 5 and 6 of Esperanza Rising.

4/26/2023 TUE, APR 25

MONDAY:  We began by going over a review packet---created by Mr. Lewis---on the characters, settings, and events in the first four chapters of Esperanza Rising. There was plenty of time to start Chapter 5.  The students read silently along with the recording by Trini Alvarado.  Perhaps half actually had their eyes focused on the pages in the book all of the time, in spite of my reminders.  They have heard from me that memory is made stronger when the book is read and listened to at the same time.

TUESDAY:  With the double period, we had time to finish Ch. 5, take a break for a few minutes, and Read all of Ch. 6.  We reviewed answers to questions for both chapters, and we discussed issues that the character are facing.  There will be a quiz on Thursday on 5 and 6.  My advice, since the students will not have written Literature homework for two nights, is to reread the chapters.

4/14/2023 THU, APR 13

LOOKING BACK:  Between the loss of internet access on Tuesday and the many hours that I spent sending emails to parents on Wednesday, I am regretting that this is my first homework posting of this four day week.

TUE:  We had a double period.  More than half of our time was spent with  Esperanza Rising .  Something new was that the students got to listen to the audible book while reading along silently.  We paused to discuss important points in chapter 3, and as a class we filled in answers on the question page.  The students also had two skill pages.  Grades have been posted for those pages.

WED:  No class today because of double Science.

THU:  We read/ listened in Esperanza Rising .  Homework is to finish answering the chapter 4 questions.

4/6/2023 WED, APR 05

There was no class today because this group of students has a double-Science period on Wednesdays.  There will be a quiz tomorrow on the "Las Papayas" chapter of Esperanza Rising.  The "Underwater Mausoleum" skill page from Tuesday's class is due Thursday from students who did not hand it in on Tuesday.

4/5/2023 TUE, APR 4

On Monday, we focused on the second chapter ("Las Papayas") of Esperanza Rising. The homework was: finish reading the chapter and answer the last two questions on the study guide.  I announced that there would be a quiz on the chapter on Thursday.

This morning, because the sixth graders needed to practice for tomorrow afternoon's Living Stations of the Cross, I saw the Literature students for only about 25 minutes.  We quickly went over the homework questions.  Then we read the text of a skill page, and the students had time to answer questions based on the text.  Some finished; those who did not finish should hand in their work on Thursday.

4/3/2023 FRI, MAR 31

We continued reading in Esperanza Rising, but not enough to assign any questions to answer for homework.  The grades for yesterday's quiz are in the grade book.  The "CLASSRM" grades for today's class period (for having book and materials, and for contributions to the classroom community) are in the gradebook.

3/30/2023 WED, MAR 29

There was no class today because this group of students had a double Science period.  There will be a short quiz on Thursday on the "Las Uvas" chapter of Esperanza Rising.  Reviewing the questions and answers that we developed together on Tuesday will be good way to study.  If a student has time, she/he could reread the chapter.  Also, the skill page "Athletes with Attitude" will be collected.  The students were given the paper on Tuesday.

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