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Literature;A;7th - Marie Rourke

Due Date Assignment Description
3/28/2022 Posted pp. 225-253 Read and annotate pages
3/25/2022 Posted pp. 204-224 Read and annotate pages
3/23/2022 Posted pp. 184-201 Read and annotate pages
3/21/2022 Posted pp. 166-183 read and annotate/ take notes for homework grade
2/15/2022 Posted pp. 53-70 See Google Classroom for summary assignment after you complete reading the pages
2/2/2022 Posted Reading pp. 14-30 finish reading The Catalyst and read The Crackdown pp. 20-30; answer comprehension questions on Google Classroom
1/14/2022 Hello, My Name Is Finish responding to the paragraphs 12-15 question and complete the text evidence task. This is done online through Google Classroom (unless you have a paper copy:))
1/13/2022 Belonging Journal Go to Google Classroom to access this assignment
1/13/2022 TED Talk writing: Rosie's speech Go to Google Classroom to complete what you may not have finished during class
12/15/2021 Maker Project Self-Evaluation use the rubric that you got with your Long Walk to Water maker project assignment to guide the writing of your self-evaluation. Upload the finished evaluation to Google Classroom
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