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Literature;7th - Richard Lewis

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9/7/2022 SEPTEMBER 6, 2022

Welcome to my first homework posting of the 2022-23 school year.  Although I began teaching at St. Rita School in 1990, my last previous school year as a Monday to Friday teacher in grade 7 was 2014-15.  In a way, this year I am both the newest and the oldest member of the SRS Middle School team.  The program that I have been asked to be part of will have me working closely with Mrs. Rourke, and I am very much looking forward to the school year ahead.

Last week the focus was on introducing the routines for the upcoming school year, plus a bit of "getting to know you".  Today I collected the "quiz about yourself" assignment from last week.  I began introducing vocabulary as one of the sections of Language Arts.  We did an exercise in which students lined up on opposite side of the room.  Each student had either a word card or a definition card.  The challenge was to find the person whose card matched yours.  This is an activity that I use to introduce word roots.  Today's root were "graph" (Greek) and "scrib/scrip" (Latin), both of which are about writing.  (Think of autograph, biography, scripture, scribble, etc.)  There is no homework tonight.

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