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Literature;6A;6th - Linda Doucette

Due Date Assignment Description
4/8/2020 Call of the Wild Review chapter 5 for quiz Wednesday and read chap 6 for discussion
complete explanations of themes Civilization vs the wild and Law and Order
4/1/2020 Call of the Wild Review chaps 1-4 for quiz Friday
3/26/2020 Call of the Wild Please read and be prepared to discuss chapter 4.
3/18/2020 Call of the Wild Read chapter 2 and answer questions in classroom
3/11/2020 Call of the Wild Finish chp 1- answer guide ques be prepared to discuss
2/21/2020 April Morning Review text and notes for final test Friday 2/21
2/4/2020 April Morning - The Midday Study section for quiz tomorrow
1/21/2020 April Morning -Midday read and be prepared to discuss Midday pgs 131-156
1/16/2020 April Morning - Morning Finish reading Morning be prepared to discuss
1/10/2020 IXL A.1 and B 1 & 2
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