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Literature;6-14;6th - Linda Doucette

Due Date Assignment Description
2/19/2021 Chasing Vermeer Final Test Study/Review for final test Friday -ask ques before test
1/12/2021 Chasing Vermeer Read chapters 4-5-6 be prepared to discuss
12/1/2020 The Aces Phone review for comp quiz tomorrow.
11/23/2020 War Horse Project complete and present your chosen project on Monday/Tuesday 11/23-11/24
11/18/2020 War Horse Using info from class write a 2-3 paragraph compare and contrast essay using the novel and the film War Horse
11/3/2020 War Horse Review chapters 19-21 for discussion tomorrow
10/6/2020 War Horse Chps 4 & 5 Please answer chp 3 ques. in GC -read chaps 4 & 5 be prepared to discuss tomorrow in class.
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