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Literature;17;7th - Marie Rourke

Due Date Assignment Description
4/22/2020 Book Club Independent Project
4/22/2020 Independent Book Club Project Use the book club packet and rubric to help you complete the assignment. Also, make sure to take photos and upload them into a Google Slides presentation if you did a board game, art work, or comic book as your project
4/1/2020 Interactive Reading Journal 5 read your independent title and respond to 5 journal topics
3/18/2020 Book Club Group Calendar Creation Arrange a shared Google Doc with your book club group and create a timeline of reading assignments starting March 18 and finishing on April 9. Submit to Google Classroom for my review. We will discuss this in our online class forum on Tuesday.
12/16/2019 A Christmas Carol Notebook Check Make sure your notes for staves 1-4 are in good order in your notebook. Notebooks will be collected on Monday for review.
12/3/2019 Stave 2 Review Be ready for the Dickens Stave 2 quiz game on Tuesday, Dec. 3
11/19/2019 A Christmas Carol Read through to the end of page 6 and take notes in your notebook of plot points.
11/13/2019 Interactive Reading Journal Be sure to tell me the title you have chosen for Book 2 this trimester. Follow the same directions as you did for the first book you read this trimester. The portal will be open on November 13 for you to submit your journal.
10/21/2019 A Long Walk to Water Read chapter 2, annotate with two sticky notes: one for Nya and one for Salva as we practiced in class. Respond to Google Classroom questions
10/9/2019 Interactive Reading Journal Check Google Classroom Literature for the Interactive Reading Journal information. Make sure you have followed directions as you have written 5 journal entries about your independent reading book. A portal will open on Wednesday morning for you to upload your reading journal.
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