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Language Arts;A;7th - Richard Lewis

Due Date Assignment Description
3/10/2023 Mo-Fri / 3/6-3/10

MONDAY/ We corrected Vocab pgs for Unit 9A.    TUE/ We developed a full (square) Venn diagram for distance walkers Tom Turcich and Matt Green. This is our second step in creating a compare-contrast essay.     WED/ We corrected Vocab pgs for Unit 9B and 9A&B.     THU/We did a fun word/phrase small group activity based on words from the G.O.A.T. game.     FRI/ No class because of early dismissal for conferences.     NEXT WEEK: Test on all 20 words from Vocabulary workbook Unit 9 on Wednesday, 3/15.

3/8/2023 MON., MAR. 6, 2023

We corrected Vocabulary workbook pages 126-129, which we did not get to correct last Friday.  The students received a 3rd marking period grade for today's class period.  Many lost points for not paying attention.  Pages 130-135 are due Wednesday.  I told the students that if the half-day schedule includes a class for us on Friday, then I will give them the Unit 9 A&B test that day.  I will know more tomorrow.  (Although I have been at SRS since 1990, this year I am the "new kid on the block" among the middle school faculty.)

3/2/2023 WED., MAR. 1, 2023

1. Because of laptop problems at the end of last week, I did not have convenient access to this site again until today.

2. Today the students saw segments and took notes from a documentary, The World Before Your Feet, which tells the story of Matt Green, who has embarked on a project of walking all of the streets of all five boroughs of New York City.  The connection (to anything) will be announced tomorrow.

3. Vocabulary workbook pages 126-129 are due Friday.

2/23/2023 WED., FEB. 22, 2023

1. We corrected the Vocabulary workbook pages 114-117.

2. The next set of pages (118-123) are due tomorrow.

3. The Unit 8 test will be on Friday.

4. This was all announced (and posted at this location and at Google Classroom) last Thursday.  I hope students have been studying, and are not putting things off to the night before the test.

2/22/2023 THURS., FEB. 16, 2023

1. The students took the quiz on words from Vocabulary workbook Unit 7B.

2.  Homework due:  Wed., Feb. 22: Voc. wkbk 114-117

                                Thurs., Feb. 23: Voc. wkbk 118-121

                                 Friday, Feb. 24: Test on Unit 8

3.  Hand in "Real Estate Classroom" assignment.

4.  There was time in class to start the Vocabulary assignments.    

2/15/2023 TUES., FEB. 14, 2023

The students were given additional information to consider for their real estate descriptive writing assignment.

See MONDAY for other important information.

2/14/2023 MON., FEB. 13, 2023

1.  WEDNESDAY:  Vocabulary workbook pages 106-111 due.

     THURSDAY:  Quiz on Unit 7B.

     FRIDAY:  Because of the scheduled early dismissal, there will not be class on Friday.

2.  TODAY:  The students worked individually or in small groups (their choice) to develop and begin writing a (pretend) real estate listing of at least 150 words to sell the St. Rita School classroom of their choice.  Paragraph must include interesting descriptive language and conversational comments based on the experience of being in that room.  This will continue tomorrow.

2/13/2023 FRI., FEB. 10, 2023

The students took the quiz on Vocabulary workbook Unit 7A.

We analyzed the lyrics and listened to two performances of the oldest pop song in the English language ("Sumer Is Icumen In", 1260 A.D.).

Workbook pages for Vocabulary Unit 7B and the two A&B pages are due Wednesday.  Quiz will be on Thursday, February 16.


2/10/2023 THURS., FEB. 9, 2023

1.  I handed out the Vocabulary Review Pictures page.  The students worked on it, and then we discuss the what and the why of the answers.

2.  We also spent some time discussing what we have done so far in the area of descriptive words, focusing on adjectives and participles used by the Real Estate industry. 

3.  The quiz for Vocabulary Unit 7A will be tomorrow (Friday).

2/10/2023 WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8

There were quite a few pages to review in the Vocabulary workbook, ans selected students led the correcting.  They did an excellent and sometimes spirited job leading.

The quiz on the words from Unit 7A will be on Friday, February 10.

There is no homework other than studying for the quiz.

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