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Language Arts;A;7th - Richard Lewis

Due Date Assignment Description
5/3/2023 TUES, MAY 2

MONDAY:  The students took the Unit 10 Vocabulary test.  They had time afterward to start the pages for Unit 11, which are due Friday.

TUESDAY:  I handed back the graded Vocabulary tests from yesterday (because everyone was here yesterday to take the test).  We began the topic of "Perfect Verb Tenses".  I also gave the students time to work on Vocabulary Unit 11 or to work on the "Famous" assignment, which will now be due May 8. 

4/27/2023 WED, APR 26

There is a test coming up on Friday on Unit 10 in the Vocabulary workbook.

The students were given a poem writing assignment due 5/04/2023, inspired by Naomi Shihab Nye's poem "Famous".

The students had a language activity based on the most common three-letter word for each letter of the alphabet.

4/26/2023 TUE, APR 25

MONDAY:  Before spring break, we started looking at the topic of pronouns. Monday we reviewed answers to the second part of the pre-break skill page.  In the second part of the period, we did a practice sheet for subject and object pronouns.  

There will be test on Friday on Vocabulary Unit 10.

TUESDAY:  The first part of the period was a practice with commas.  The second part involved group readings of two poems by Naomi Shihab Nye ("Famous" and "The Art of Disappearing").  We will follow up on those poems tomorrow.

4/14/2023 THU, APR 13

LOOKING BACK:  Between the loss of internet access on Tuesday and the many hours that I spent sending emails to parents on Wednesday, I am regretting that this is my first homework posting of this four day week.  But here goes:

TUES:  We finished the "10,000 Hours" by Malcolm Gladwell.  I reminded the students about Vocab workbook homework (pgs 150-155) due Wednesday and the essay due Thursday.

WED:  As we do, the students led the correcting of the Vocabulary homework.

THU:  The students submitted their essays.  We did a word root match activity (for "nav/nau") and a practice page on personal pronouns.

4/6/2023 WED, APR 5

We corrected pages 147-149 in the Vocabulary workbook. The students also had practice with a Picture Review page for Unit 10A. The pages for Unit 10B and A&B are due Wednesday, April 12.  I also gave the students a summary of points about essay conclusion paragraphs---from a video that I did not show because of the Lenten technology fast---to help them with the finishing touches on their compare/contrast essays which are now due Thursday, April 13.

4/5/2023 TUE, APR 4

On Monday, the students took the Vocabulary review test for workbook Units 7 through 9.  The grades are in the online grade book.  The next Vocabulary homework is the workbook pages for Unit 10, Section A.  That homework is due Wednesday.  Students who finished the test early on Monday had a bit of time to start the homework.

To help with the compare-contrast essay that is due next week, I gave each student a sheet with extensive lists of transitional words and phrases that can be used with compare-contrast writing. Tomorrow, I will share notes from a video on concluding paragraphs (which I am not showing because of this week's Lenten technology fast).  In response to a student request, I am adjusting the due date for the essay to Thursday, April 13.

Today we spent some time reading sections of a Malcolm Gladwell article about the "10,000 Hour Rule", and other factors that lead to excellence (a connection to our long distance pedestrians, Tom Turcich and Matt Green).

4/3/2023 FRI, MAR 31

We did the scheduled practice test of the 20 words from the "definition match" section of the upcoming review test on Vocabulary units 7-9, which will be on Monday, April 3.  Because of the technology problem on Wednesday, we are slightly behind on the background material I had hoped to share with the students regarding the compare-contrast essay.  Because of that, I am moving the final due date of that assignment to Tuesday, April 11.

3/30/2023 WED, MAR 29

Because of a technology issue, I was not able to continue yesterday's online lesson.  However, I did share some of the material (about useful transition words) at the board, with the students taking notes in a grid that I had created for them on paper.  I also reviewed some points we had already gone over about their compare-contrast essay, which is due Tuesday, April 4.  Yesterday, some students missed significant parts of the class (because of band, and other reasons).  They had time to catch up on notes.  The Vocabulary review test will be on Monday, April 3 (as requested by the students).  The technology issue has been corrected.  (Thank you, Mr. Banas.)

3/29/2023 TUE, MAR 28

Monday was a day for me to share information with the students about a writing assignment that we have been developing during March, as well as new information about their upcoming 40-word Vocabulary review test on Units 7 through 9.  The writing assignment is a compare-contrast essay based on what the students have learned about "pedestrianism", or very long distance walking.  I gave the students the scoring sheet that I will use for grading, so that the students can use it as a checklist while writing and revising.  We talked about each item on the long scoring sheet.  I also suggested possible topics that would include pedestrianism.  Last Wednesday, I gave the students the word list for the Vocab review test, and said the test would be on Wednesday, March 29.  Yesterday (Monday), I announced that the test would not be on the 29th.  We agreed to have the test on Monday, April 3, because Friday's 30-minute periods might not be long enough for a review test.  The compare-contrast essay will be due Tuesday, April 4.  Today (Tuesday), I shared video material for the students to take notes from about writing an introduction paragraph, and about body paragraphs for a compare-contrast essay.  There is no homework other than study for Vocabulary and start your essay.

3/10/2023 Mo-Fri / 3/6-3/10

MONDAY/ We corrected Vocab pgs for Unit 9A.    TUE/ We developed a full (square) Venn diagram for distance walkers Tom Turcich and Matt Green. This is our second step in creating a compare-contrast essay.     WED/ We corrected Vocab pgs for Unit 9B and 9A&B.     THU/We did a fun word/phrase small group activity based on words from the G.O.A.T. game.     FRI/ No class because of early dismissal for conferences.     NEXT WEEK: Test on all 20 words from Vocabulary workbook Unit 9 on Wednesday, 3/15.

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