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Language Arts;A;6th - Richard Lewis

Due Date Assignment Description
5/8/2023 FRI, MAY 5

There was no class today because of MAP testing.  There will be a test on Vocabulary Unit 10 on Tuesday, May 9.  On Thursday, I personally wrote the information about the test on the assignment boards in both sixth grade homerooms.

5/4/2023 THUR, MAY 4

WED & THUR: We focused on verb worksheets on such topics as Action vs. Linking Verbs and Active Voice vs. Passive Voice.  The Unit 10 Vocabulary test will be on Tuesday, May 9. 

5/3/2023 TUES, MAY 2

There was no class today because of double Science.  

MONDAY:  I announced that there would be no Vocabulary test this week.  During class, our focus was on distinguishing between action and linking verbs.  There was note copying from the board.

4/27/2023 WED, APR 26

We corrected pages 151-155 in the Vocabulary workbook.  The assignment was given to the students before spring break and has been on display in large blue letters and numbers since April 12, in a room where the sixth graders have class twice a day.  The first thing that I did in class after the break was to remind the students again about the homework.  Today, 5 (out of 18) students did not have their homework completely done.  There will be a test on the twenty Unit 10 words on Friday.  The students were informed on Monday and reminded today.

In addition to correcting Vocabulary homework, we reviewed the answers from Monday's comma practice page.  The assignment required significant use of editing skills, and going over the answers led to discussion about how to make those editing choices.  There is homework for Thursday: Complete the "Lesson 49/Direct and Indirect Quotations" page.

4/26/2023 TUE, APR 25

MONDAY:  Pages 150-155 in the Vocabulary workbook are due Wednesday; these pages were assigned before spring break.  The students were reminded about this on Monday.  There will be a test Friday on all twenty words from Vocabulary Unit 10.  We started a review page on commas.  I wrote sample answers for #13 and #14.  The students had time to work on 16-20.

TUESDAY:  There was no class because the students had their double Science period.

4/14/2023 THU, APR 13

LOOKING BACK:  Between the loss of internet access on Tuesday and the many hours that I spent sending emails to parents on Wednesday, I am regretting that this is my first homework posting of this four day week.  But here goes:

TUE: There was no class because of double science.

WED:  As we do, the students led the correcting of Vocabulary workbook pages (150-155).  The opening two-page spread for this Unit (#10) included background on early twentieth century singer-songwriter Jimmie Rodgers, so I shared some film and audio archive materials with them.  This was an attempt to expand on the workbook and to enrich the students' musical experiences; it was interesting to hear how narrow so many of their reactions were to the music.

THU:  We did a word root match ("rupt"/break).  We practiced comparative and superlative forms of modifiers.  There is no homework.

4/6/2023 WED, APR 05

Today's class was a double period.  Seven students had to leave at the start of the period (for about 25 minutes) to practice for the Living Stations of the Cross.  It was anticipated that the practice would last 15 minutes, so I gave some time to students to review the words for the scheduled Vocabulary test on Units 7-9, then I started the test.  Everyone had the opportunity to take the test.  The grades are now posted at the online gradebook.  Together as a class, we did workbook page 142, which looks at the meanings of familiar idioms.  The students also had a skill page called "Strange, But True".  There is a quiz tomorrow on adjectives.  See the Tuesday homework posting for details.

4/6/2023 WED, APR 5
4/5/2023 TUE, APR 4

On Monday, the students submitted their "Sponsor this Classroom!" assignments.  (Monday's due date was an extension of earlier due dates.)  We did a final review of adjectives and the questions they answer about the words they describe. ( How Many? Twelve Apostles. A few volunteers. Which One? The blue ribbon. The second Sunday of Advent. What kind? Fishing net. Running shoes. Scary movie.)  There will be a quiz on this topic Thursday.

The students will have the Vocabulary review test on workbook Units 7 through 9 on Wednesday.  This was postponed from last week.

3/30/2023 FRI, MAR 31

Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote about "the best laid plans of mice and men".  Today, we did a scheduled practice with the definitions that will be on the Vocabulary Unit 7-9 review test on Wednesday (April 5), so that the students can see which words they need to review most.  It would have been nice to also get in the quiz on adjectives, but it was necessary to call students out of the classrooms from time to time this morning for activity group yearbook photos in the gym, and this took away enough time that the adjective quiz will have to take place Tuesday of next week.  The "Sponsor This Classroom" assignment is still due Monday.

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