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Language Arts;A;6th - Richard Lewis

Due Date Assignment Description
3/10/2023 Mo-Fri, March 6-10

MON & TUE/ We began work on an adjectives activity (following up on last week) called Real Estate Adjectives.     WED/ We corrected pages in the Vocabulary workbook for Unit 9A.  Pages for 9B and 9A&B are due Friday.   THU/ We did a fun word phrase small group activity based on words from the G.O.A.T. game.     FRI/ No class because of early dismissal for conferences.     NEXT WEEK: Test on all 20 words from Vocabulary workbook Unit 9 on Wednesday, 3/15.

3/8/2023 MON., MAR. 6, 2023

1. Today we started a multi-part assignment called "Real Estate Adjectives".

2. Due Wednesday: Vocabulary workbook pages 126-129.

    Due Friday:  Vocabulary workbook pages 130-135.

    Test on Unit 9 A&B on Wednesday, March 15.

3. A note of concern: When I announced the assignment schedule---which was already on the board when the students walked in the classroom---most students just sat there, and very few students took out their "planners" to write down the information.  They did so when I said that they needed to write it down, but they should have been taking out their planners without my prompting.  Too often this year, the sixth graders have not done homework and then tried to "blame the homework board" in their homeroom.

3/2/2023 WED., MAR. 1, 2023

1. Because of laptop problems at the end of last week, I did not have convenient access to this site again until today.

2. Today we corrected homework pages in the Vocabulary workbook.  I did not assign other homework for tonight.

2/23/2023 WED., FEB. 22, 2023

1.  We corrected the Unit 8A Vocabulary workbook pages (112-117).

2.  The quiz for this list of words will be on Friday, February 24.

2/22/2023 THURS., FEB. 16, 2023

After quickly reviewing pages 110 and 111 in the Vocabulary workbook, the students took the quiz on words from Unit 7.

NEXT WEEK:  Vocabulary pages 112-117 due Wednesday, Feb. 22.  Quiz on Unit 8A on Friday, February 24.

The was time to start the homework after finishing the quiz.  Also, sixth graders have time to work on assignments in their Thursday quiet study hall.  (Add Thursday night at home?  Maybe.)  So, the assignment will not "spoil" the four-day weekend if a student manages their time wisely. 

2/15/2023 TUES., FEB. 14, 2023

The students had double Science today.  See MONDAY for important news.

2/15/2023 MON., FEB. 13, 2023

1.  WEDNESDAY: Capitalization quiz / Vocabulary workbook pgs. 106-111 due

     THURSDAY: Quiz on Voc. Unit 7A  and quiz on Voc. Unit 7B.

     FRIDAY: Because of the scheduled early dismissal, there won't be class Friday.

2.  Today we reviewed previously assigned homework on capitalization rules.

2/13/2023 FRI., FEB. 10, 2023

The students took the review test for selected words from Vocabulary workbook Units 4-6.

NEXT WEEK:  Due Wed: Vocabulary pages for Unit 7B and the two A & B pages

                        Test on combined 7A and 7B will be on Thursday, February 16.

2/10/2023 THURS., FEB 9, 2023

We followed up on yesterday's word root notes (port---to cary), which included mention of the prefixes im/in (import) and ex (export).  The students had practice today with other words that share those prefixes in common.

We also practiced with a set of capitalization rules.  There is a homework page, which the students had time to start in class.

The test on selected words from Vocabulary Units 4-6 will be on Friday (tomorrow).

2/9/2023 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2023

We had our Wednesday double period.

1.  After an introduction from the teacher, the students worked on page 98 in the Vocabulary workbook, which explains about denotation and connotation and which has 10 practice sentences.  We went over the answers together in class.

2.  We corrected pages 100-105.

3.  We did a "Word Root Match" for nine words based on "port" (to carry) and their definitions.

4.  We reviewed the answers to the skill page from Monday "Games People Play", which focuses on figures of speech and their meanings ("pull my leg", "once in a blue moon", and many others.  We will finish that review on Thursday.

5.  The review test on selected words from Units 4-6 will be on Friday February 10.

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