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Language Arts;7-17;7th - Marie Rourke

Due Date Assignment Description
4/8/2020 Unit 11 Vocab Test
4/1/2020 unit 11 Set B pages 163-165 complete pages and be ready to correct together on Wednesday
3/19/2020 Unit 10 Vocabulary Test You will take your vocab test online using Google Forms. A link will be shared through Google Classroom.
3/19/2020 March writing journal- 5 entries upload your finished journal to Google Classroom Writers Workshop
3/18/2020 Rhetoric in Speeches We will try to present our one-minute speeches during our LA classes on Wednesday using Google Meet, so practice your speeches
2/28/2020 Stop Motion Vocabulary Project Be sure to complete your story by Tuesday, Feb. 25. Be sure to finish drawing and building characters and props, including setting, by Thursday, Feb. 27. Be sure to successfully record your animated short using the Stop Motion ANimator app by Friday, Feb. 28 and upload to Google Drive and then to Google Classroom Vocab and Grammar site
12/16/2019 Units 4-6 Vocabulary Review Test Study all 60 words from units 4, 5, and 6 in your vocabulary text. Use Quizlet and to help you review.
12/6/2019 Unit 6 Vocabulary Test study all 20 words, antonyms, and synonyms
11/27/2019 Unit 6 Vocabulary Set B complete pages 87-89
11/27/2019 Unit 6 Vocabulary complete Unit 6 Set A pages for Wednesday
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