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Language Arts;15;6th - Marie Rourke

Due Date Assignment Description
11/20/2020 Vocab Unit 4 Set B pages do pages 63-65
11/18/2020 Vocab Unit 4 set A pages do pp 59-61
11/16/2020 study for units 1-3 vocabulary review test spend time doing the Sadlier connect activities, quizlets, and vocab books to review and study all words units 1-3
11/6/2020 iXL strands DD.1 and DD.2 Complete to 100. DD.1 is irregular past tense; DD.2 is past, present, and future tenses
11/5/2020 iXL strands X.2 and X.3 Complete to 100. X.2 is complete subject and predicate; X.3 is simple subject and predicate
10/28/2020 Unit 3 Set A complete pages 39-41
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