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Algebra;18;8th - Cindy Brennan

Due Date Assignment Description
6/2/2020 Chapter 8 Test Chapter 8 Test in Pearson
6/1/2020 Chapter 8 MathXL: End-of-Chapter Practice and Review Chapter 8 MathXL: End-of-Chapter Practice and Review in Pearson. XtraMath and IXL
5/29/2020 Chapter 8 Reteaching Reteaching 8-5 thru 8-8 1-15 odd in Pearson. Lesson Quiz 8-8 in Pearson.
5/28/2020 Factoring by Grouping WB 256-257. Watch two (2) KA Videos and Complete two (2) KA Exercises on Factoring Special Cases. Finish two (2) Quizizzes on Factoring Special Cases and Factoring by Grouping.
5/27/2020 Factoring by Grouping WB 255. Lesson Quiz 8-7 in Pearson. Complete two (2) KA Exercises, watch two (2) KA Videos, and read one (10) KA article on Factoring by Grouping.
5/26/2020 Factoring Special Cases WB 252-253
5/22/2020 Factoring Special Cases Lesson Quiz in 8-6 in Pearson. WB 251
5/21/2020 Factoring ax bx c Complete the three (3) Quizizzes in Google Classroom.
5/20/2020 Factoring ax bx c WB 248-249
5/19/2020 Factoring ax bx c WB 247
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