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- Suzanne Hamling

Due Date Assignment Description
12/9/2022 Advent Project Saint or Tradition, posted in Google Classroom
12/5/2022 Advent quiz
12/2/2022 Advent Study Guide
11/30/2022 Jesse Tree Project and Reflection
10/27/2022 Community Service Reflection
10/24/2022 Saint Project
9/29/2022 Chapter 1 Test
9/21/2022 Introducig Me Essay Draft in Journal, Final Copy due neatly handwritten or typed 9/21
5/31/2022 Final Exam Written Gospel Reflection Lectio Divina on Pentecost, complete in Google Classroom, worth 40 points and part of your final grade
5/25/2022 Final Exam Study Guide Complete Mass through Faithful Terms/Description/Definition
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