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- Marie Rourke

Due Date Assignment Description
3/28/2022 Posted pp. 225-253 Read and annotate pages
3/25/2022 Posted pp. 204-224 Read and annotate pages
3/23/2022 Posted pp. 184-201 Read and annotate pages
3/21/2022 Posted pp. 166-183 read and annotate/ take notes for homework grade
3/16/2022 Unit 8 Set A vocab complete pages 115-117 and do the word study sheet for unit 8 set A
2/25/2022 unit 7 set A vocab do pages 103-105 in book; complete word study worksheet
2/16/2022 Units 1-6 Vocab Review Test Study the 60 vocab words listed on Google Classroom
2/15/2022 Posted pp. 53-70 See Google Classroom for summary assignment after you complete reading the pages
2/2/2022 Vocab Unit 6 Set B do pages 87-89
2/2/2022 Posted Reading pp. 14-30 finish reading The Catalyst and read The Crackdown pp. 20-30; answer comprehension questions on Google Classroom
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