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- Elaine Grossomanides

Due Date Assignment Description
1/13/2023 Report on Famous Scientist see requirements / rubric hand out directions
1/12/2023 Study for Test Ch 3 on Thursday
12/12/2022 Study for Quiz on Cell Transport
11/15/2022 finish assignment from class today that was in GC on Osmosis
11/15/2022 Finish assignment in GC from class today on Newtons Laws
11/11/2022 Ch 3 Review page 90 and 91
11/11/2022 Ch 1 Review Connect Concepts, check for Understanding. pp 22 and 23 in RED notebooks
11/10/2022 Design a mini drain for your bean pot
11/2/2022 Questions on pages 89-91 Chapter 3 Vocabulary and Concepts
Answer After Video questions on Car Crashes
10/24/2022 microscope worksheet
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